About Our Site

About Our Site

Our job at wereviewresorts.com is to find and review for you the best all-inclusive resorts in The Caribbean and surrounds, reviews we aim to update on a yearly basis.

We list ONLY all-inclusive resorts & hotels–so you can be assured that any place listed on this site will either be fully all-inclusive or at least offer guests an all-inclusive option.

Note: We do not encourage uninvited submissions/requests for inclusion on behalf of resorts and will never accept inducements of any kind.

The Story of the All-Inclusive Resort

Though Butlin’s holiday camps in Britain were doing something relatively similar in the 1930s, the modern all-inclusive beach resort is generally seen to have begun in 1950, when Belgian entrepreneur Gerard Blitz founded the Club Mediterranee/Club Med company.

First all inclusive resort, Alcudia, Majorca.
First Club Med – Alcúdia, Majorca, 1950.

Its motto, “a place to be happy”, had a strong resonance with post-WW2 Europeans, and their first venture opened in the same year in Alcúdia, Majorca, Spain was an immediate success.

The all-inclusives of today, including Club Med, tend to be quite luxurious affairs but these original versions were far more humble: Guests stayed in either tents or basic straw-roofed huts with communal bathrooms, and amenities never went much further than far-from-fancy food and drink.

The concept moved to the Caribbean and in 1978 Negril Beach Village, later rebranded as the ‘clothing optional’ Hedonism II, was opened as a resort for young singles. It was seen as a step-up in terms of guest experience where, along with all food and drink, a whole host of activities such as water sports and horseback riding were also included.

Other resorts followed their lead and by the early nineties Caribbean all-inclusives had become enormously popular. Many, if not most, were marketed towards singles, and in the public eye they developed a reputation for raucous nightlife if not much else.

This reputation didn’t last long though; other resorts soon tweaked the concept and rebranded to attract couples or families, with Sandals particularly also pivoting strongly towards the luxury market.

More traditional, luxury hotel brands, like Hyatt and Marriott, have also lately started to open their own all-inclusives, something quite unthinkable a few decades ago.

So all-inclusive resorts have evolved enormously and, though the singles-orientated resorts have since become quite passé, with couples and families now dominating, there is still no one type of all-inclusive guest. They attract people from right across the board and are today one of global hospitality’s fastest-growing sectors.

Today there are roughly 1,500 resorts worldwide offering all-inclusive packages nearly half of which are in Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean.

We Review Resorts aims to find and bring you the very best of them. Our team has covered sixteen countries so far, with more to come, and we hope to fully update all our lists and recommendations every year.

Note: If you make a booking through some of the links on this site we may earn a small commission. This absolutely does not affect the price you pay in any way, nor does it affect our recommendations for the best all-inclusive resorts in each region we cover.

For further information about our site, or about all-inclusive resorts in general, feel free to contact us at info @ wereviewresorts.com and we will get back to you promptly!

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