Thatch Caye Resort

Thatch Caye Resort

Why We Recommend This Resort:

Thatch Caye is a Muy’Ono all-inclusive resort on a truly idyllic private island off the coast of Belize.

It is eco-friendly, barefoot-chic and what makes Thatch Caye stand out over other all-inclusive resorts is its lovely friendly, communal atmosphere.

It’s a small resort that can only host up to 30 people at a time and with such an atmosphere guests tend to make good friends here.

It’s also a semi-luxury resort and standards of accommodation, food, and facilities are high.

Your accommodation facilities don’t include TV or even WiFi though – it’s that kind of back-to-nature-place – but you can have both and hang out all day in the resort’s communal lounge.

There are a lot of daily activities – mainly water sports – as part of your all-inclusive package but you’re also very welcome just to kick back and do as little as you like.

The resort is family-friendly and though children will certainly find such a place enchanting, there aren’t any particular facilities for them. Babysitting and child minding though can be arranged.

How Are the Rooms & Suites?

Your accommodation choices lie between two story beach cabanas and overwater bungalows. Both of which are divided between Standard and Premium bungalows. With the Premium being worth the extra, particularly in the overwater section.

The overwaters are very similar internally but it’s the extra privacy which adds the premium tag – the standard bungalows sit practically right beside each other.

Most on a romantic getaway (and Thatch Caye, though a quite communal, social place, sees plenty of them) will prefer the five Premium Overwater Bungalows then which are fully detached, with their own private walkway, and offer plenty of privacy.

Though they are pretty much the same internally as the standard bungalows they have their own private walkway so feel very secluded.

Both these overwaters have 320 sq. ft of comfortable, rustic-style space, including a terrace overlooking the water.

The novelty of sleeping overwater aside, the on-shore cabanas are perhaps even more lovely, and come with terraces overlooking the beach and the sea.

These are also divided into Standard and Premier, with the Premier being almost twice the size.

Then, best of all there is the Penthouse – the most expensive accommodation choice. It is the largest unit at the resort at 441 sq ft and offers tremendous views over the open ocean.

As mentioned previously, none of the accommodations has TV or Wi-Fi but you can find both in the common lounge areas, described below.

Take a look at your room options now at Expedia here or at here.

What is the Food Like at Thatch Caye?

Between its three restaurants/cafes/bars, the food, both buffet, and a la carte, at Thatch Caye is well received by guests, who generally all eat around the same table. You have three full, multi-course meals included in your all-inclusive package, as well as unlimited drinks.

If needed you can also always order extra snacks during the day or to take away on excursions, boat trips, picnics, etc.

The breakfast is served in Coco Lounge, with the other venue, The Grove, then taking over for lunch.

In the evening The Grove is also the place for dining and drinking with lots of Belizean and Caribbean flavor, and more drinking can be had at the overwater Starfish Bar.

What Things Are There to Do at Thatch Caye?

You’ll not find any riotous partying at Thatch Caye but the atmosphere is sociable and friendly. You can spend many happy hours wandering around the island, finding its hidden beaches, doing water-sports or just lounging blissfully on the beach or by the resort’s natural saltwater pool.

The island is long and narrow and you can walk from one end of it and back in less than an hour along trails where you can always spot some local wildlife.

Water sports are available free of charge – kayaking, snorkeling, and paddle boarding amongst others.

The snorkeling around the private island itself isn’t tremendous but you are very near the second-largest barrier reef in the world which has an an incredible amount of life to be admired.

Scuba diving, boat trips, and other excursions around the reef can be arranged for an extra fee.

There is a small gym and fitness center at the resort and there are daily classes in yoga, pilates, etc.

Where is Thatch Caye Located?

There are super quick, 15-minute, commuter flights to Dangriga Airport from the Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Belize City.

From there a Thatch Caye Resort representative will pick you up and shuttle you to the resort by boat in about 25 minutes.

Some Guest Reviews:

We stayed at Thatch Caye for two nights in an overwater bungalow. It was such an amazing experience, very quiet and relaxing. We really enjoyed the natural pool and snorkeling around the island. The food was delicious and the staff are super friendly and helpful! We would love to go back again.…….”

This property is everything amazing and the perfect spot for a honeymoon. Staff is very friendly and you get to know everyone on a personal level. We will definitely be cooking back to visit!…..”

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